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Sexual Health

Our Team!

Goal #1

Increase the proportion of sexually active students who report using condoms most of the time or always for vaginal and anal intercourse in the last 30 days, from 41.0% to 50.0% and 40.9% and 50.0%, respectively.

Goal #2

Increase the proportion of students or their partners who report using contraception during the last vaginal sexual intercourse, from 83.5% to 90.0%.



LGBTQ+ Center

Wellness Hotspots

The Wellness Hotspots are satellite locations that provide students access to supplies; including condoms, menstrual products, and earplugs. The map below shows the different locations these products can be accessed on campus.   


Access to Sexual Health Items

This map shows different locations that offer sexual health resources in the Merced area.

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