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Alcohol & Other Drugs

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Free Narcan & Overdose Prevention Kits

Thanks to funding from the Naloxone Distribution Project, Health Promotion is able to offer free Narcan to UC Merced Students. Students can also acquire a more complete Overdose Prevention Kit, which includes Fentanyl Test Strips and educational materials. To acquire an Overdose Prevention Kit/Narcan, follow these steps:  

  • Step #1: Watch this video on Administering Naloxone
  • Step #2: Take a short quiz on the video. Take a screen shotshot of the completion page, showing a passing rate of 80% or higher.  
  • Step #3: Narcan/Overdose Prevention Kits can be picked up from the Health Promotion Office, Granite Pass #159, during the allotted pick-up hours below:

Safer Party Kits

Health Promotion offers Safer Party Kits to students who plan on hosting off-campus parties in the community.  These kits include the following:

  • Safer Party Checklist - highlights things to do before, during and after the party to ensure a safer and fun night for all
  • Door Tags - this is used to notify your neighbors that you are having a party and provides a space to include contact information for the Party Host so that they can be contacted with any issues/complaints prior to your neighbor contacting the police
  • CUPS Magnet - this informs you and your friends of the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning
  • Condoms - not all sexual contact is planned in advance, so it's always better to be prepared

Safer Party Workshop

Our Peer Health Educators are available to present our Safer Party Workshop to any class, club, organization, or any group of students. This workshop cover serving sizes and things you can do before, during and after the party to ensure you have a safer and fun night out. This workshop also includes the Narcan training required to receive an Overdose Prevention Kit from the Health Promotion Office. To request a workshop, contact, or visit the "Connect With Us" tab on our website.

Vape Exchange Program

Our new Vape Exchange Program provides students with the resources to quit smoking.  Students can turn in smoking and vape products for $10 Target Gift Card and a Quit Kit.  Our Quit Kits include information on smoking, a Quit Plan worksheet, and resources to help you take the next step in your quitting journey.  Students are also allowed to pick up Quit Kits without the exchange of smoking/vaping products.  Visit Granite Pass #159 today and take the step to quit today!


All incoming students are asked to complete AlcoholEdu in Vector LMS. AlcoholEdu is an interactive online program that uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create an engaging learning experience, educating students on how to make healthier decisions related to alcohol use and decrease negative alcohol-related consequences. 

You can access your account at by signing in with your UC Merced credentials. After loggging in, visit the My Assignments page to see if you have any incomplete assignmennts.


Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Virtual Recovery Group

T-Break Guide: Take a Cannabis Break

Click here for a downloadable T-Break guide!

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